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The aim of Rouvier Valeurs is to benefit from the upside potential in listed companies – mainly in markets in OECD member countries – to generate an absolute return over the long term (at least 5 years) as well as an average performance above that of global indices over the long term.

The fund’s volatility is similar to that of the equity markets.

Rouvier Valeurs’ investment universe consists of companies we know in depth, thanks to the focus of our research, and objectively, through the plurality of points of view. We select those stocks whose profitability appears sustainable, in order to benefit from an increase in intrinsic value.

We invest in these companies in order to capture their earnings growth and benefit from their market re-rating. We buy when the market price offers an adequate discount to real long-term value (fair price) and retain the shares in the portfolio as long as its average annual projected performance over the coming years (speed) is sufficient with regard to our goals.
Both the level of equity exposure (75% minimum) and geographical and sector exposures are the result of the investment process.


Past perfomance is no indication or guarantee of future performance.


Past perfomance is no indication or guarantee of future performance.


PerformanceRouvier Valeurs class CMSCI WORLD NET IN €
Since the beginning of the year-0,81 %-2,45 %
On 1 rolling year-10,73 %-7,91 %
On 3 rolling years20,81 %40,52 %
On 5 rolling years21,04 %76,17 %
On 10 rolling years44,66 %67,42 %
Since 07/06/1991594,98 %-
Number of units4 066 345
Sub-fund net assets441 582 225 €
ISIN CodeLU1100076550
Dividend policyAccumulation
Expense Ratio estimated1.93%, of which 1.8% management fee
Entry fee3 % (maximum)
Exit feeNil
CustodianBanque de Luxembourg
Advisable holding periodOver 5 years
UCITS creation date07/06/1991
annual performance
Rouvier Valeurs class C
- 1.99%73.84%- 4.78%12.93%7.83%25.38%-1.36%15.32%15.75%0.88%-12.29%13.55%15.03%24.60%16.17%1.05%-29.94%37.68%14.64%-23.89%22.29 %17.08%4.53%6.35%

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