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NAV at 18/12/14 98,88 €

The purpose of Rouvier Valeurs is to benefit over time from the potential appreciation of shares in listed companies, primarily in equity markets of countries belonging to the OECD, in order to generate over time a performance higher than 10% p.a., whether by capturing the profit growth of companies or by benefiting from the stock market revaluation of securities.

The investment universe of Rouvier Valeurs consists of companies that we know in depth, by concentrating our research, and with objectivity, through multiple viewpoints. We select those whose competitive position’s quality and sustainability can optimize the development of their intrinsic value.

We invest in these companies when they trade at an appropriate discount to their long term real value (i.e., their fair value) and keep them in the portfolio for as long as their expected yearly average performance over the coming years (global potential) contributes to the fund’s overall objective.

The actual equity exposure, ranging from 75% to 100%, derives from this disciplined approach. Net of hedges, equity exposure may vary from 0% to 100%.


Past perfomance is no indication or guarantee of future performance.


Past perfomance is no indication or guarantee of future performance.


PerformanceRouvier ValeursMSCI WORLD NET IN €
Since the beginning of the year2,90 %17,48 %
On 1 rolling year6,05 %20,83 %
On 3 rolling years54,62 %68,45 %
On 5 rolling years31,75 %92,65 %
On 10 rolling years82,62 %98,52 %
Since 12/31/1992597,52 %-
Number of units5 240 628
Total net asset value518 218 793 €
AMF ClassificationDiversified FCP
ISIN CodeFR0000401374
Dividend policyAccumulation
Management fee1,8 % (not liable to VAT)
Entry fee3 % (maximum)
Exit feeNil
CustodianCM-CIC Securities
Advisable holding periodOver 5 years
UCITS creation date07/06/1991
annual performance
Rouvier Valeurs
- 1,99 %73,84 %- 4,78 %12,93 %7,83 %25,38 %-1,36 %15,32 %15,75 %0,88 %-12,29 %13,55 %15,03 %24,6 %16,17 %1,05 %-29,94 %37,68 %14,64 %-23,89 %22,29 %17,08 %

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