It is since the end of 2011 that the funds managed by Rouvier Associés are authorised for marketing in Belgium.

The compartments of the Rouvier Sicav : Rouvier Patrimoine, Rouvier Evolution, Rouvier Valeurs, Rouvier Europe and Rouvier Multimanager Balanced are authorised for marketing in Belgium (UCITS IV).

With no branch office, one or two managers regularly visit Belgium to present the management strategy and the state of the funds to clients and potential investors in one to one meeting or at group lunches.


How to subscribe in Belgium

If you are an investor:

  • an individual investor: via your bank, your life insurance broker or via the Internet
  • a professional investor (broker, Independent Financial Advisor, Family Office, private bank, institutional): via the life insurance companies or your deposit bank, whether in Belgium or Luxemburg. NB: if a distribution agreement is not already in place between Rouvier Associés and your deposit bank or your life insurance company, we invite you to contact us for the possible creation of a direct agreement.

Get the documentation

All the regulatory and commercial information is available both in French and German. KIID documents (Key Investor Information Document) for all the funds managed by Rouvier Associés are also available in Flemish.

For any question regarding the holding and custody of shares of the Rouvier SICAV, please refer to the prospectus. Our Paying Agent in Belgium is CACEIS Belgium SA.



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The funds managed by Rouvier Associés have been authorised for marketing in Luxembourg since the end of 2011.


Apart from the fact that this base gives access to a large pool of savings, it provides the company with many contacts with a view to investment in first rate companies.